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Great 2 Weeks

Hey guys havent really posted here in a while. i used to have a log but i stopped posting it up. i still keep all my stats down and all my lifts, even food/sleep for most days. Im 17 and weigh about 175 lbs.

Well, just for some background info, i did stripped down hyphertrophy for like 5-6? weeks while on creatine. it worked great. I gained like 25 lbs on my bench i think and 15 lbs on my bodyweight.

about one month ago i dropped frequency big time (2x a week) and volume enormously (2-3 lifts a day for 2-3 reps). Well last week i hit a monster PR in my deadlift. i did 500 lbs for a double with the trap bar. No belt/reps/equipment- just some chalk.

Ive been front squatting for a couple weeks now(usually never front squat) and was feeling awesome on monday. i did some cleans and 1-2 sets of snatches then hit the fronts. I worked up to a super-easy 275 double and went for 315 but the weight came off my shoulders at the bottom. i was so angry!

ive been in an awesome mood for the most part about these lifts so i wanted to post them. I throw shot put and discus and right now im feeling my bench is definitely my limiting factor. Im much smaller than my competition so i need to get my lifts up.

just wanted to post this because i was feeling good.

good work, i want to hit 500 on the trap bar this season during track, glad to hear your feeling good keep up the good work

nice job

but I’m pretty sure that

trap bar deadlift /= Olympic bar deadlift

I have seen the trap bar deadlift used as a replacement to squats.