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Greasing the Groove

Yes, I realize many of you saw this subject and thought this thread got misplaced here instead of on the Sex and the Male Animal thread.

However, this subject is about working all your bodyparts several times a week. I used to be of the mindset of working one body part once a week. Then I went to twice a week. Now I’m going 4 - 7 times a week. Granted, they are not all intense workouts. It’s more like the John Davies Sweet Sixteen philosophy with some of the days being “active recovery”. This has been especially helpful with exercises like the O/H squat as well as regular squats and Rom. D/L’s.

Bottom line: It seems to keep me tuned up for the heavy, high intensity days and has caused my warmup period on those days to take less time.

For those of you following a similar protocol, what are your thoughts and routines?