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Greasing the Groove with Pull-ups During 5/3/1?

If I am running 5/3/1 can I grease the groove with pullups monday-friday for a bit of extra practice in a weak area where I can only do 6-7 max? It wouldn’t be crazy, maybe 10 sets of 2 throughout the day, with extra sets during my Military press workout. I know I am not suppose to customize but I feel like greasing the groove is an excellent way I could increase volume to meet my needs for this exercise without much additional wear and tear on the body in the short term. Thanks

Definitely a reasonable approach, give it a shot.

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I believe Jim has said he does upwards of 100 pull ups before he even does a work set of his main lifts, he just doesn’t write it all out in his programs.

I may be massively misrepresenting him though.

In my opinion, doing lots of pull ups, especially submaximal sets, is a good thing and I don’t remember having it interfere with any other work.

@Cardellichio - At one point, either here or on his private forum, Jim wrote out an abbreviated 2 day a week template that had 50 reps of chins worked in to the press/deadlift day.

I’ve been using that for the past two years and it hasn’t hampered either lift at all. I just do 5 chins between each set.

I started about a week ago with this and have moved from sets of 2 to sets of 3 already and alot of my pain and stiffness in my muscles and joints went away and I feel way more athletic and comfortable when I move around, and my actual training sessions actually seemed better because of less pain, which was surprising. Can’t say I would have tried it without someone else agreeing I should, and I am glad I did, so thanks to everyone! Hopefully it keeps working!

I did this. I would do 4 pull-ups every hour on the hour and I did this for 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, I added a chin to make the number 5. I rarely did pull-ups in actual training.

I have now stopped greasing the groove. I can do 20+ pull-ups and now I just do them when I train and I do them weighted and with towels, clocks, and balls to work on grip.