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Greasing Groove Slows Recovery?

Would greasing the groove help my performance with weighted chin ups (which I do 2x per week)…? Lots of people grease the groove with chin ups to increase the reps - so I was thinking it might help me perform more reps with a given weight.

Or would greasing the groove slow down my recovery between workouts, and therefore maybe hinder performance with weighted chins?

I can do 30 bodyweight chin ups in a single set if I went all out - so if I did a couple of sets of 8 or 10 bodyweight reps spread throughout the day, would that help, hinder or have no effect on weighted chins?

3 sets of 10 after your weighted sets would not be a bad thing. Try it and see. If you are losing strength on your weighted chins after you start, then drop then volume of BW chins or lose them altogether.

You could also drop the weight of your chins and add reps, then slowly add weight back in.

so long as you control the volume, it’s great. I’m doing front squats during my OHP days (bar is already in the rack position- so why not?) and its already improving my back squat sessions

What weight do you use for weighted chins to be able to hit 30 bw reps?

[quote]Defekt wrote:
What weight do you use for weighted chins to be able to hit 30 bw reps?[/quote]

Dunno, four years ago I remember that for 2 weeks I was doing 5 sets of 5 with 40kg, but now I try to train higher reps because I injured myself doing it, then didn’t do chin ups for a long time.

But it’s very odd - I didn’t train to use that weight, I started off already being able to do it, just like I started off already being able to do 30 bodyweight reps. Seriously, from completely untrained (as in not working out in any form), I always knew that I could do a lot of chin ups, so one day, I thought I’d see how many I could do, and it was 30. And then, I figured that if I could do lots with no weight, I might be able to do a few with a lot of weight, and I added 40kg to me, and could handle that pretty easily. It’s not like I built up to that weight.

However, since I started training, I have not improved.

It feels like I started from a good level of baseline strength, but my body somehow does not respond to training…?

I’m on 15kg for 3 sets of 10 reps now, and struggling to improve. I don’t believe I have peaked yet, so my progressive overload system and/or recovery probably sucks.