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Grease the Groove

this “grease the groove” way of training has been around a long long time. i used it a lot in my training, and results are always positive. getting past sticking points, setting pr’s, and just general training.
personally, i have all day and evening to train. so if i’m doing dips, i stretch a bit first, then i warm up with 1 set and get loose, then do my 1 set of dips at 75% of my max. thats supose to be the key. do 75% of max a number of times a day.

i’ll do these on the hour, or every 90 minutes. you get a ton of reps in without digging too deep. then in 6 weeks try for a pr and it always is acheivable. great way to train… of course i train the traditional way too, doing 5-6 sets and busting my asss to get all the reps…

what i dont know, is if this would work for benches, or dumbell rows or squats. bigger compound movements. say youu’re doing chest today, do a stretch, then a warm up set then the 1 working set at 75% of max. then do this at 9am and repeat every 2 hours. i have no idea if doing bigger compound exercises would work with this type of training. it sure works on pushups, pullups, dips. any thoughts? thanks

Based on my experience using it for bodyweight and kettlebell work, I think it works fine from a strength and muscular endurance standpoint, to get past sticking points, etc.

But since you’re in the bodybuilding forum, where muscular hypertrophy is the major focus, I would never consider GTG an effective technique.