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Grease the Groove?

Ive been reading this forum for some time now , and would be very grateful if I could get some useful advise from you guys.

I’m 35 , a new Dad , and work from Home - Home is Spain , and as there are no Gyms close to me training from home is a necessity.

I’m not a Bodybuilder and have no aspirations in the Sporting or athletic direction , but I have gained some respectable lean muscle in the Past with various strength programs and would like to maintain what I have and keep as aesthetically pleaseing , Strong and Fit as possible.

Ideally (…and with advise from you Guys ) I would like to train in accordance with the " Grease the Groove Principals " as it seems to best fit my limited equipment , my time , my lifestyle and my goals and expectations , but my question is this : Can I combine 2 Excersises per day using this principal , or should it be used for specialisation only ?

IE …
A ) Front Squat to Push Press Combo / Pull-Up B ) Deadlift / Dip
C ) Bench Press / Row

Many Thanks !

Hey DaninSpain!

It sounds like you are off on the right track. I am 41 and still lift 2-3 times per week.
You can do two exercises per day as you list, A,B,C. Do you already have the equipment? Barbells, etc…? If not, a cheap and efficient way to go is Kettlebells. You could buy 2 Kettlebells and that would take care of most of your needs. I find it more convenient and easier to move around than barbells.
You said “GTG”. Have you read Power to the People by Pavel T? That is a good place to start. He also has books and DVDs regarding Kettlebells.

Good Luck!

Cheers for the advise Wimsey , Having just left working for Company with a decent Gym , my equipment is a bit thin on the ground , but I have just rigged up a Pull Up Bar and some Elite Rings from some Olive trees in my Garden , and managed to coax the rust off my trusty Barbell. I was hoping that would be all that I needed as I really want to get back to basics.

I’ve only done GTG for pullups, but it definitely works. I went from one to 8 at a time in a couple months with it. My next goal is do apply it to pistols (1-leg squats)