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Grease the Groove For Weighted Chins?

Topic as above.

Want to get to 5 x 40kg as soon as possible. Currently,I only do weighted chins once a week and the last time I did them was for a few sets of triples for 30kg.

If I start using GTG,I would do weighted chins at least 3 times per day-first thing in the morning,in the evening and before sleep. Each time probably 3 x 3 x 20kg for the first few days.

Would GTG work?

I am thinking of doing this routine


Mon-overhead press+accessories+GTG chins
Tues-GTG chins
Thurs-GTG chins
Fri-front squats+accessories+GTG chins

For my GTG chins,I won’t even go to failure. So CNS is not that greatly impacted right?

Maybe I just try it for the coming week and see how

what about this routine with GTG chins incorporated?


Mon:quad dominant day
Main lift:front squats-5x3
Assistance exercise:Bulgarian split squats-4x6

Wed:hip dominant day
Main lift:deadlifts-5x3
Assistance exercise: pull throughs-4x6

Fri-overhead work
Main lift:log presses-5x3
Assistance exercise:dips-4x6

Farmers walk-6 x distance(4 heavy,2 speed)
Sled pulling-6 x distance(3 heavy,3 speed)

Thinking of adding GTG chins on Mon,Tues,Thurs and Fri-maybe 3 times each day,3 sets of 3 with a comfortable weight.

As you can see the volume is pretty low and I am thinking of doing this routine for the next 4 weeks(these 4 weeks are rather low stress in my life with plenty of time for eating and resting- my recovery won’t be adversely affected)…