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For those of you who have been wondering about Gray, he is Cancer free! Amen.
Although he almost died due to incompetent care. Seems his Doc never gave him some necessary meds to keep him form being nauseated or checked his blood. He was 4 pints low of blood. Best of my knowledge your body only holds 8.

He nearly died of a hart attack because there was no blood to pump. New Doc. says he will keep him in the Hospital as long a necessary to make sure he’s ok before sending him home.

Good news about your buddy,
thnk you for the update.


Good news! Thanks for keeping us up to date!

He will be in the gym as soon as the Doc says your good to go.

Great news 63G! Sometimes the answers to prayers are both the one we hope for and the one that fits the big picture. Give Gray our best…

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