Gravity Boots

Wanted to throw this out there and see for some info from you all and maybe some feed back from folk like Dr. Ryan and such On these and other devices of the like.

Anyway I got a pair of gravity boots along with a safety squat bar in my latest purchase of toys. The squat bar is awesome which was no surprize but the boots are sweet.

I have not had back probs really just thought they may be of some recovery help etc. Had them a month now and use them 2 or more times a week. I Feel Great. The first time i hung it sounded like someone was popping popcorn my bacjk pop so many times. Also I started with my head about three inches from the ground and after 20 minutes My head was hitting the ground so much I actaully had to turn It. LOL

That and the past two weeks I have added them into my routine on my DL day to do my ab W/o. Man this is sweet strecthes my back out afetr this crazy hypertrophy prgfram I am doping and MY GOD its an awesome ab w/o/ I do hanging side bends then do eccentrics wher I cheat to get myself up as far as possible and then flex the hell outta then abs and lower my self SLOW!!! Really hit then bad boys, and as I stated also stretchs my tired back from the DL’s and seated GM’s I had just done.

Anyway I just wanted to see if you all had tried these. Knew of any further benefits or possible bad side effects. As well as throwing my recomendation.

Plus you can take them to the liocal park and hang from the monkey bars and work on that even tan. LOL You get some looms let me tell you.


Where’d you get yours from?

Got them at NY barbell. Guess I should have put that in just didnt want it to look like an infomercial I guess and was hoping for some feedback.

Let me know if you try em out and how it goes.

Oh I think you could actually make these fairly easy as well now that I have a pair.



I asked this question of Dr. Ryan a couple of weeks back.

Also, I recall some negative articles on the possible development of intraocular pressure from having the body held in an inverted state. I can’t recall the source, however.



Didn’t someone write and article about the Human Cross? I think it suggested hanging upside down and using dumbbells to start working on shoulder strength developement.

Could be a good thing to start adding, Phill.