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Gravity Boots


Anyone know of any reasons why a powerlifter would ever use gravity boots?

Spinal decompression?
Core strengthening?

I just got some for xmas and I'm looking for ideas...


Inverted situps are some of my favorite ab exercises and they are quite hard if you go all the way up and touch your toes. That's all the reason you need. The hanging can feel good too.



Walk up walls dude. Chicks dig that anti gravity stuff.


I had to use google to find out what gravity boots are.

I was picturing those bouncy moon shoes that I saw commercials for when I was a kid.


They are pretty legit. You can really feel everything stretching out when you hang upside down. The bad thing is my lumbar spine hurts pretty bad when I'm hanging so I'm wondering what kind of damage I have in my lower back that I was previously unaware of.


ive never used them because id be afraid id get stuck...nobody wants to see a fat guy stuck upside down by his ankles...well, im sure there are internet sites dedicated entirely to that, but you get my point...

though 50 cent did look pretty awesome doing hanging situps in his IN THE CLUB video...


Getting back up isn't as difficult as I expected it to be. It would be hilarious to see a fat guy get stuck though lol.


Getting back up isn't as difficult as I expected it to be. Are you kidding me? Maybe I'm a sick bastard but I would love to see a fat guy get stuck upside down lol.