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Gravity Boots

Anyone use/tried them? I am thinking about buying a pair and just hooking them up to the chin up bar at my gym. I want to do sit ups with them. Do I have to buy all the inversion stuff to use them or will a basic chin up bar do?

I used some probably around 4 years ago. This was my first experience with them as well. They hooked around your ankles then you went to the pull up bar and hooked them on. The key really was to keep your toes in the right place so you wouldn’t fall on your head.

I probably used them once per week for four weeks, just to try. They were ok, but really once you got tired you would start swinging and cheat. I’m thinking they were more for novelty than anything.

Before using them make sure that they don’t contain any aspartame, as when inverted the force of gravity would pull the deadly particles downward and possibly into your mouth.

Thanks Big C, guess not many people have tried them. They run about 80.00. A friend of mine has them at her gym and says they are a nice change from the usual ab stuff. Unless I hear something positive,I’ll pass.

Bought a pair after hurting my back. All the rage in the 80s. Zane, Franco, everyone was using them.
For ab work, try hooking your feet under on-side of the dip bars and

I remember a review a loooooong time ago in Runners World where they were rating the different gravity inversion devices. Basically, they rated the devices that hooked either behind the knee or inverted the person to hang from the hips (an inverted sitting position) to be better at decompressing the spine while isolating out leg length discrepancies. For doing inverted sit-ups, I’d think the ones that hook behind the knee would be better (I guess they somehow clamp around the leg just below the knee and provide a “hook” that allows you to relax somewhat the hamstrings). Don’t remember the brand names, and that review was done well before the internet. Don’t know if they’re still made or the price, but might be worth looking into.

STL/Hang-ups makes the most durable ones. I don’t consider using them for abs. They work miracles on back problems. I have an inversion bed, same thing as boots-just easier to use. After heavy squats it is a real relief.

Just got a pair today. Speaking as a massage therapist (a real profession where I live; University level Biology/Physiology certification), I can say this, and the tables are fantastic for both abs and spinal decompression. HOWEVER… if you have any herniations or other arthritic issues, you must be very careful with the boots. Start with shirt sessions, at a height where you can easily touch the floor with your hands in the event that you over-traction your spine *very painful, very dangerous. Ironically it’s best to not relax too much when you start; keep core half tight and work your way to full relaxation over a month. Also, either work abs OR do hanging decompression in the same session. NEVER go from relaxed decompression to ab crunches, as that risks severe spinal nerve impingement.

Lol 15 years later…


gravity boots, the funner and especially most beneficial tool for the lifter… for one very specific reason… squats, military presses, deadlifts, we are just putting lot of compression lot of pressure on the spine… no bad no good… the body can deal with everything, but… the less the space in between the vertebral discs, the less our presence, our divine presence in between them… that’s were the boots excel and will never go without… they open the vertebrae of the column, letting more of divine creator, our own divine essence be within them…that is developing true strength, when the spine is open , also is very important to allign the atlas and axis, but that s not specific to gravity boots… I know how to that and I do that as well… so …we can do squats and stuff, but then we need to open the spine to more consciousness to come in, where the body will be able to rebuild and regenerate itself as it does… and when it does… with its consciousness it will also reverse aging.