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Gravitron vs. Pulldowns

I’m training a 75 yr old lady and had a question to pose to the nation. I had started her out doing pulldowns and for some variety had her try the Gravitron (assisted pull-up) machine. She loves it and we have started doing it exclusively for vertical pulling.

Any thoughts on the benefits of pull-downs vs. Gravitron work? Which would you do and why? Any benefits to switching between the two? I have my thoughts but I wanted to see what some others thought…

BTW, just so everyone knows she is being pushed hard and I hope to get her to do a chin-up on her own eventually. When we started she could barely do a bodyweight squat but a steady diet of deads did wonders. She can now pull 105 off the ground for reps and she’s still getting stronger. Puts a lot of the punk kids in my gym to shame.

My first thought is that the Gravitron locks you in a pathway, where a cable pulldown allows some lateral movement. Better yet might be a Zero flex type uni-lateral cable where both arms can move independantly.