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Graveyard Workout


This is for those of you who might tend towards the darker side of things...and for those who are down with creative ways to keep training when you're limited in all kinds of ways.

I'm at a small campus in England for six weeks, and there's no real gym to speak of anywhere nearby, so I've been training in a small graveyard next to the campus (only a couple times a week, because there's no way I'm not taking every opportunity to travel AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE).

I've been doing full-body workouts in circuits:

Circuit 1

5-7 bodyweight pull-ups from a tree
20 pushups
20 jumping lunges
15 bodyweight tombstone dips

repeated 5 times

Circuit 2

12 reps/arm single arm shoulder presses with tombstone fragment
8 bicep curls with partial cement cross
12 Zercher squats with full cement cross
1 minute plank

repeated 4 times

Anyone else have any fun ways to train when there's no gym around?


I was so sure that this was a Ct.Rockula post when I first clicked this thread.


If your doing push-ups and you feel something tugging at you from below,GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE!!!!


Train like this guy (from story of ricky)



Shit. Damn creative, good on ya. But 5x5 is the way to go...


That would depend where i'm being tugged..... I just might hang out and make a new friend.


Partner-tossed tomb smashing is on my to-do list, I just need to find a tosser. Ha ha.


Oh, and this is all best done after dark, preferably with bats flying around overhead.


fuck i just did this last night...

good work out bro...

I added in some skull fucking though...Hit my glutes, hams and my core quite nicely


Yeah, and the grave digging to get the skulls would be much better than the cradle robbing I've been doing lately. I mean...