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Gratuitous Use of the N Word?


i never understood why such a supposedly offensive word was used so often. Im usually the only white dude playin ball at the Y, and it doesnt make things feel exactly welcoming. Im told its racist to call black people the n word, but a word only a select race is allowed to use seems pretty exclusionary to me...seems to me the word still functions to drive a wedge between peoples, albeit in a different manner than the way it was originally used. thoughts? comments on how it "comes from a different place" when its used by black people? id like to understand


"political correctness is a giant conspiracy perpetrated by islamic jihadists in order to slowly erode americans sense of right and wrong until we're totally incapable of decisive action. were so slow to offend anyone that before we know it we'll be defending their right as a religion to suicide bomb the shit out of us."



If you have a friend who has the nickname 'bitchtits' its ok for you to call him that.

If a casual acquaintance, say a person in a pick-up basketball game, calls him bitch tits thats offensive because you dont have the degree of friendship required to do so.

Used among black folk, nigger can be used as a term of kinship. If you aint kin dont fucking use it. Or do and be a social pariah. Nobody cares. Its not that complicated.

I understand you dont like PC. Even as a liberal I agree that its a restriction on free speech and open discourse. Use your best judgement.


fair point, good bitchtits analogy, but i wasnt asking for permission to use the word. Just seems a bit hypocritical to me that one of the most hated words of all time is used so casually among "black folk", kinship or not.



I never hear black people say hey nigger, nigga, yes. nigger NO!!!


i hate that when a white person says nigger, he's automatically equated to a member of the KKK committing some attrocious hate crime, but when a black person spews any kind of racist shit, no one gives a fuck. political correctness and reverse discrimination yeaaah budday!


Ni**er isn't as offensive where I grew up, as it in the US.

I would use the term occasionally with close friends back home (of all races), but NEVER to someone I didn't know (or know that well). I guess my friends didn't take it too seriously as most of the time it was when quoting lines from a movie.

How exactly do you feel unwelcome? I've never felt out of place when black guys use the term and they don't feel comfortable with me doing the same. I don't feel like I have to use someone else's lingo to "fit-in". It's their choice, and you gotta respect it.


This word has a history with me and any black person of the Americas. It has a meaning that anyone who is not black will just not totally understand. The same way I will not 100% know how it feels to be a Jewish American or any other culture. I may think I do, I may have a educated understanding of them an there history but I can never truly feel how they feel about certain things.

No person should feel comfortable using the word in public. If you are not black you are risking more than a slight embarrassment if you use it in front of other black people.

I hear many people say it means ignorant or if I say it without the "r" it means friend. Bullshit. Any of those so called rules do not apply if you are not black. Let's be grown ups an not pretend this is not insulting.

Don't think what I'm saying is true. Go someplace were the majority of the room is Black and you don't know everyone. See how comfortable you feel using the "N" word. I will say this now I would be insulted and would not react well to your continued presence.


LOL @ this bullshit, all the time.

Yes, as a white person you are excluded from the public hate party. After something like 1,200 years your people can't publicly hate other races and women without consequence. (Outside of nazi-Arizona & the ebil mexicanz.)

BOO HOO, poor white people.



When people bring up the old "Why is it OK for black people to say the N word but not white people?!?!" I answer that chances are very high to almost 100% that the black guy saying it isn't racist against black people.
I also am not racist, but do other people other other than my good friends really know that? No, so I only tell bad taste jokes when among friends.


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I'm so sorry for that. I like you Lanky. A lot. I just wish someone else would've said what you said so I wouldn't feel so bad about doing that.

PS: I like you.


85* really??? I'm thinking more like early 90's. Before that people knew that was an ass kicking offence.


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On a serious note don't feed this troll, PLEASE I implore you. This will escalate into a needless and energy wasting debate/internet argument about the dreaded "N" word and it's uses and negative implications. Then Prof X will descend on this thread and have something to say about it and then the X haters will line up to take a shot at his comment and next thing you know this will be a 9 page long thread within the span of 8hrs.

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Pootie,...OK on the Norm I would argue with you on this becuase I don't mind watching people inner demons come out in a public forum. But since Machete comes out next week and I'm in a good mood............


Your a good man 460. Thank you

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