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Gratuitous Ass Grab or Sincere Spotting?


Hey guys,

I'm still here. And still new. Anyway, I've been starting to make friends with some nice gentlemen? at my gym. They were or are all "pro" title-holding lifters at some point in their careers, and they've been helping me with my form.

While they all each have different theories about how to lift weights, they all have one thing in common: the gratuitous?? ass cupping/approximating/brushing/accidental handling of my rear. It occurs, without fail, 1/each rep set at the point where I approach a 90 degree angle in my squats.

As a dancer/equestrian/yoga person, I know touching happens, can be informative; but also I know the boundaries in each discipline.

Before I ask these guys, I need your opinion. Is the gentle hand lift just an informative signal to me that I've gone too far below the parallel? Are they just sincerely misjudging my speed going down? Does this happen even if you're a guy? Lastly, if it is gratuitous, do I say something, or should this be filed under the tacit moral code of "free help" at the gym?

Advice? Suggestions?



This I would qualify as definitely supportive/helpful.


I can't find a questionable photo... just imagine above with his hands under her butt somehow.


Qualifier: I don't have a lot of experience with spotting or being spotted. Also, I can't see those pictures (I think it's my filter, not your actual pictures).

That said, if you are doing squats and your ass is being handled, I think that would be inappropriate. I can't see how doing such could help you if you got stuck. What I've seen (in my limited experience) is the person spotting getting real close, and in an almost parallel motion, squats along with you - with their hands on your waist.


Unless they squeeze I don't think they mean anything by it but to spot you. I'm far from expert but any time I've been spotted or given a spot its been under the arms, hands by chest. Since that would be even more inappropriate on a woman I could see the butt being the next best option as support from the waist isn't going to help your legs or back which are the two pieces most likely to fail. The above picture works because its a broomstick just going over form, not a spot.


you spot someone by putting your hands on under their chest...if they fall forward you apply pressure..

good example of spotting

i never seen anyone spot someone by cupping their ass...maybe thats how they do it germany tho lol


genau, they do the rib cage hold for sure. Then when I graduated from rib cage support, they went down with me, and this is when the butt support/signal/thing started happening... I think I'll just call them out next time. Thanks for all of your honest advice.


omg this guy's shorts......


also... my problem is actually falling backwards not forward, so maybe thats also why they had they're hands back there.


I'm pretty sure they mean well by it...In my experience, most men tend to be over helpful with women at the gym...

someone here can probably give you some advice for the falling back problem...i never encountered that myself...




I'm a trainer, I've been spotting squats for years. I've spotted REALLY hot chicks squatting quite a bit of weight. The temptation is there.. . I'd love to butt spot. Does it make sense?



This is how I've been spotted and helped others to spot. There is no reason to come close to the buttock region.


I gotta be honest, that does not sound right at all. As others have mentioned, there are ways to spot without grabbing your ass. If they are trying to queue your depth, a verbal queue will work just fine. Form can usually be assisted verbally or through demonstration. Personally, I wouldn't touch someone in the gym, as much as I may like to.


Thanks again guys... it's good to know the standard protocols. I think I'm being kept a bit more naive because my German's not so good, so often I am guessing or taking their word for it. Hard to get a sense about people sometimes if you only vaguely understand what they're saying. DANKE!!!


i would think hips is about where i'd call the limits just like the photo u posted... i'd feel uncomfortable if my gym buddy started a game of grab ass during my set...


It's inappropriate. The proper way to spot is exactly what D Public presented in that video. There's no graduating to an ass cup. The box squat picture you showed above, I'm pretty sure was not a spot but a coaching point for proper form. Probably wasn't even a real set.

I bet if you wear baggy sweat pants and a pushup sport top the spots will magically move back to the rib cage.

*edit; yeah I just scrolled up to that photo again. No weight, clearly just coaching form.


Do they spot each other? Watch how they spot other people and you'll know if it's common in your gym


At my gym, no one actually squats in the squat rack. And if they need a spotter, they use the Smith machine...norm = aerobics for girls and bicep curls for boys.


Off topic of this thread, but I was dead lifting my whole 80kg today, and wondering when a person decides to go figure vs. powerlifter. But then I remembered this Deena Walsh vid, and I guess, I have a LOOOOOONG way to go before I think about that. So this was indeed, a very informative vid. Thanks for posting it, D.