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Gratitude Thread



I just wanted to start a thread in your sub-forum that gives thanks for all of things you do on this site as well as your personal site.

I've reached milestones I thought were unattainable (for someone who should have died at five, fifteen and twenty two), thanks in large part to the programming and supplement information gleaned from your mind. All my lifts are up, my weight is over 205 (at 5'7") and my work capacity has been dramatically improved (which is amazing considering that was really the only capability I developed over the years, that I considered above average).

I'm sure I'm not the only person who has benefited immensely from your free advice and 'brain droppings.' Anyone who has benefited, let CT know in this thread.



Although I am only barely at the foot of the mountain that is bodybuilding, I have read everything on T-Nation and other sites of the like, but the coaches that stick out to me will always be CT and Poliquin. As soon as I started reading your articles my gains literally doubled. What I like most is the scientific backup you give along with the practical. I can also say that you have sparked my interest in this to a MUCH higher level.

So thank you for the fantastic articles and even putting in the time to reply to our questions here on T-Nation.


THIS is the best compliment I can get. My goal really is to get as many people to become passionate about training ... so that they will experiment, find new stuff that work which will help me gain even more knowledge.

Contrary to most coaches I don't have an ego and don't think that I'm the only one with answers. I don't even think that all my answers are the right one! And I will always want to learn more about training, even if that means that some of my old ideas can become outdated and that I have to tell people that I made a mistake.

I want to find the truth about training and I don't care where that truth comes from.


I think that is just a fact of life with training and nutrition. What we think might be optimal today, will probably look foolish to us tomorrow in most instances. I think that is both the frustrating and challenging, in a good way aspect of both. It is great to constantly evolve whatever thoughts we may have had and you do a great job in provoking those thoughts to take things to the next ring of challenges. So thanks for all the hard work in the trenches and please keep it up!


Why I take seriously, listen to and look up to only Thib on this site :

  • Amazing theoretic knowledge combined with experience in every field (bodybuilding, athletic, strength sports)
  • No idiotic bashing of any of those fields
  • No stupid claims like "Your arms will be big if you squat 300" to sound cool
  • No stupid claims on anything at all
  • Emphasize on individualized approach instead of "squat or you're a pussy"
  • Personally has world-class strength numbers and physique
  • Gives more great information in his brief posts than other authors in their lengthy articles

To me this Q&A is heaven and it not only teaches me, but charges my motivation to lift! No matter how down I am, I come to this place and after a few of Thib's posts all I want is lift again immediately, despite any failures.

Thanks for everything Thib!!!!


Thib I must start off by saying thanks just for them time you spend replying to my posts never mind everyone elses! I know you are a busy guy. Your knowledge is amazing and the fact that you willing to share it without charging shows what a great man you are! As you said, no big ego! One of the best things about your articles/posts is how much info you provide in a very simple explanation.

Plus your para workout nutrition has totally changed my performance in the gym, it helps me achieve my lifting mantra everyday: Stronger than yesterday weaker than tomorrow! For that I'll be eternally greatfull! :wink:


Pretty much spot on and I might add

  • Great teacher; he actually cares that you understand and takes great care to make his points clear.
  • Great guy to have around as well. When he says he has no ego, he's no kidding and I can vouch for that, having work with him on seminars.
  • Excellent lecturer. Give this guy a mic and he becomes a beast! He litteraly owns the stage. Fortunately for Madonna and Justin Timberlake, he doesn't sing so well :wink:
  • Has single-handedly increased my lifting knowledge at least a 10x fold and I do have a M.Sc in the field. As such, I'm grateful more than anything else to Chris because I now realize that this field is full of "functionally incompetent" individuals and I'm not part of them.

Merci Chris pour tout ca!


I would like to say thanks for the pwo protocol. I've only done it twice, but after back-to-back back w deads day and leg day I was able to start salsa classes last night when normally I spend half the week barely able to walk due to poor leg recovery while dieting. I've been putting it off for months mostly for this reason.

so I increased my volume and density of leg work on a diet, yet was able to cut some rug after and score two numbers on my way out. today I am still without any soreness, just a mild comfortably fatigued feeling where I would be walking like frankenstein otherwise. I'd like to thank ct, rice oligodetrin, casein hydrolysate, palatinose and afrocuban culture.

that's one contact close per pwo protocol fwiw haha.

very excited to see what effect the g flux of more activity balanced with appropriate offsetting carb in take on my body comp on this diet.


Yep, great all round coach and teacher. I appreciate all the time he spends helping us out.


I was fortunate enough to get to work with Thib via online training and can say that all the things you see on this site are magnified when working one on one with him. Regardless of how dumb a question I'd ask, he'd always give me a non-patronizing and non-condescending answer - he really views Joe Public as the reason he's successful, which is refreshing - a lot of "celebrity" coaches tend to think the world owes them, not this guy.

He also told me not to brag until I can squat 4 plates, though, and I still hate him for that.


Hey Coach I gotta second and third all the compliments

You have definetly helped me to love training and wellness again. I got in a rut of terrible training and the belief to not do certain exercises but with your articles and your books I have purchased you have opened my mind to so much more.

It has helped my practice (DC/ART) to become what I have always wanted and allowed me to get so many more patients to get well quicker and to change their lifstyles by them seeing how I have improved myself.

any proof to a "rumor" by a coach of a new book coming out soon???


Without a doubt, Thibs has made more of an impact on my own training than any other author. Yes he walks the walk as well as talks the talk, but the best thing I've noticed about him is his willingness to teach. I always joke that I'm probably more tolerant of stupid questions from young kids at the gym because I work with high school kids all day.

Well, CT works with some pretty high level athletes, but is still always willing to help those who are attempting to help themselves. Sure sometimes we may miss something that is probably second nature to someone of his level, but it's par for the course, and he always seems to take it in stride. The highlight of my contest prep last May was when Thibs commented that I had done everything correctly and shouldn't worry about screwing things up at the end. Talk about a compliment that let me totally coast into the show -lol. There are tons of online forums these days, but we are truly lucky to have this sort of resource here. Thank you coach.



Thanks for everything Thibs... I have saved everyone of your articles!!! Although I don't personally know you, I wish I did! I look up to you and idolize you. My girlfriend makes fun of me all the time because I check your threads frequently to make sure I am up to date on everything "Thibs" says about diet and training. Your Get jacked program has gotten me as lean as I have ever been and was a great accomplishment actually sticking to a program and diet for so long without cheating... the reults were nothing short of amazing, strength way up and bodyfat way down! I can't wait until this new program comes out along with everyone else on T-Nation!

I hope the diet portion is outlined liked the get jacked program. That made the biggest difference for me...having such a great variety and different food choices to pick from. Instead of setting protein, carbs and fat all at a certain number. The get jacked made it possible by keeping everything in a certain range foreach day! Awesome!!!

Thanks again for everything... you inspire me to reach my physique goals and potential!


Even without directly teaching this, there's something I lerned from Coach Thib by reading his articles and posts: flexibilty and open mind.

In order to accept something as part of my own way of thinking, it must have a base, either scientific or logical. But if you err too much on this side you can fall into the paralysis-analysis syndrome. CT is one of those few coaches who remain logical and backed up by science while including the knowledge got from experience and practical results. I've learned that this knowledge is constantly evolving. Thus, the smartest way to train is by being flexible and adaptable to whatever knowledge acquired.

This is one of the most important aspects I've learned from Thib, though he rarely directly states it in his posts. (Exception: when, someone pisses him off with words like "I know you are/aren't a fan of", "I know you promote this training approach", "being a low-carb fan...", etc. This is the moment when he emphasizes that we never stop learning).

Thanks, coach.


I agree with everything that has been said so far. I'm an aspiring strength coach myself, and I strive to model myself after 2 coaches, Thib and Poliquin. But this open forum has set Thib apart in that he offers his advice to anyone who needs it, and has the patience to deal with the questions that should never be asked if the poster were to read the threads. I believe his knowledge of theory, and practical experience is unparalleled. Perhaps the best compliment I can pay to Coach Thib is that he has inspired a stupid youngster like me to change programs 3 years into university, and finally chase what I really want in life. Thanks a lot Coach!


I just wanted to thank you CT for everything. Ive been reading your articles and posts for over a year now and i can honestly say i have learned more from your contributions to this site and ebooks than from anything else.

I was disappointed to learn this summer that after all this time for the past couple years we were both located in Colorado Springs, CO. at least that is my understanding. I was out at the AF Academy and actually started up a bodybuilding club last year with a friend which is continuing to grow in our absence but it would have been amazing to come meet you!

Anyway keep up the great work and thanks for all the help with us achieving our individual fitness/bodybuilding goals.


CT for president!


I'm just a n00b, but I am also w/ this threads spirit.


Gotta change the law allowing non US-born citizen to apply for the job!


I've been thinking about this alot lately as well. When I stepped on the scale today somehow my weight has gone up 3 more lbs since Fri. On Friday my weight had increased so much I didn't believe the scale, so I threw a 100lb weight on it and it weighed exactly 100lbs. I just started lifting 6 weeks ago and the strength and weight I've gained is unreal.

I'd like to not only express my thanks to the coaches, but also to the people who make this place what it is. It's not only a place for VALUABLE information, It's a support system for everyone involved, and it keeps me focused on my goals.

Thank you everyone. I'm so happy to be back training again and growing like never before.