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i’m currently serving in iraq at this moment and i posted a thread last week. i appreciate vroom’s advice. i need to bring down my bodyfat % according to army regulations. i’ve been doing my research for a long time, even before i joined T-nation. i received alot of info from another site. i know to start any kind of routine or to get in shape it starts out with your eating habits like vroom said. i was recommended by the other site to take these supps that i’m taking at the moment:
i still have alot of these supps left. i was told by vroom to take Biotest supps. i’ve noticed here that alot of you are faithful to Biotest supps. should i continue to take my current supps or just set 'em aside and go for Biotest? i would really apppreciate any help and i know that you have had alot of people like me asking you these questions. i just want to take advantage while i’m here in iraq because i have access to a gym. what routine do you recommend to start taking off the flab and not having loose skin. i have had problems in the past with this. i would appreciate any helpful advice. thanks and GOD bless from overseas.

First off I would just like to thank you and all the men and women serving us. THANK YOU!!!

Second on to your question. I would if I were you simply finish the supplements that you have. Paying strict attenbtion mainly to your diet and a solid training program. Track your progress and results.

Then upon depleting your current supps. I would switch to Low-Carb Grow!, a regular old CHEAP micronized creatine, and Maximum Strength HOT-ROX. Along with a solid multi vitamin, and I would suggest fish oils as well. Oh and plenty of water.

Track your results with these and I am pretty sure the results will speak for them selves. You may even save a few buck along the way, and you will know the difference for yourself.

While, IMHO, the stuff you are using now is inferior, that doesnt warrant trashing the stuff. Make sure your diet is spot on and you should make progress.

Hope this helps,

Phill is right on the supps.

And, man, God bless you and all AMericans serving this great nation. One thing (from personal exp.) about HOT-ROX is that you will feel dried out more so than when not taking them. Make sure to get plenty of H20. I have to say this:
Iam so amazed that amidst all the stuff happening you are actually together enough to be able to unfocus your mind and focus on something else. (if that makes sense?) you and your boys are some tough Motherfuckers.

God Bless.

Does T-Mag have a place where readers can donate Biotest products to our soldiers in the Middle East?

God Bless you and all our soldiers, our american heroes!!!


I’m only echoing what I’ve seen articles and more knowledgeable people than myself discuss.

Anyhow, glad I could be helpful. If you have questions I’m sure you’ll continue to get tons of great advice from the community here.

Stay safe!

[quote]chinadoll wrote:
Does T-Mag have a place where readers can donate Biotest products to our soldiers in the Middle East?

God Bless you and all our soldiers, our american heroes!!![/quote]

That’s a dang good idea.

Thanks to all of the men and women in the armed forces. You guys (and gals) are absolutely amazing.

Good luck with your training, tezjordan. Keep it up, and keep safe.