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Grateful for Your Thoughts/Feedback on My Routine


Hi Coach

After reading your article on ‘how to design a damn good workout’, I designed the following program that I would appreciate some feedback and thoughts please.

The goal is to build muscle mass, I’m 45 years old active for most of my life (played rugby) and have been in the gym working out for about 2 to 3 years consistently (i.e. 4 days a week on average, with some cardio).

The workout uses supersets of two stations each set, with 45 seconds rest after each superset, concentrating on time under tension on each rep (2 seconds in both eccentric and concentric, 1 second pause at contraction) Four sets on each station, with 10 reps each set. Cardio of 10 minutes before each workout.

Monday Chest & Back
Barbell bench press (medium grip) and bent over barbell row
Dumbbell bench press and seated cable rows
cable crossover and straight-arm pulldown
Tuesday Biceps and triceps
Preacher curl and close-grip barbell bench press
Hammer curls and decline dumbbell tricep extension
Concentration curls and cable rope overhead tricep extension
Wednesday rest/recovery
Thursday Quads and hammies
Barbell full squat and romanian deadlift
Single leg press and Good morning
Leg extensions and seated leg curls
Friday anterior & lateral/rear delts
Standing military press and barbell rear delt row
Upright barbell row and dumbbell lying rear lateral raise
Machine shoulder (military) press and reverse machine flyes
Saturday and Sunday rest/recovery

Specific questions I have:

  1. Is the number of sets for each muscle group appropriate?
  2. Is the rest period between supersets appropriate?

very many thanks