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Grateful But Confused: Levels Too High? Weight Gain. HCG?

I am new to this site and testosterone therapy. I have spent a few hours reading through various posts gaining valuable info. Thx. Seems every clinic has a slighly different way of doing things and what they want or do not want you to take. Just want some opionions from those of you who have been doing this for a while.
Here is my situation:
Before treatment 45 yr old
Testosterone Total: 166
SHBG: 47
Testosterone Free 25
PSA: 0.595
HCT: 45

After 4 weeks of weekly inj 140mg T. cypionate, arimidex 0.250mg per week.
Labs 7days post last injection.
Testosterone Total. 1094
Testosterone Free 243
LH: 0.1
PSA 1.1
Estradiol: 31
HCT: 49
Thyroid free, T3, reverse: within normal limits

Switched to another clinic because I did not feel comfortable at current place. New clinic said no need to take arimidex unless having symptoms. But they wanted me to begin taking HCG 250 twice weekly.

My concerns:
Are my levels too high?
I have gained 5 pounds in a month. Is that normal?
What is best cycle of HCG? or is it just preference?
Does it make a difference taking only cypionate or combo cypionte/propionate weekly?

I want to lower my total T to around 700-800 and see if I feel the same. Thinking of lowering dose from 140mg weekly to 50mg biweekly.
Thoughts? Thank you all for the info I have thus far learned reading posts.

Keep injections to once a week at minimum more frequent injections keep more stable blood levels - at biweekly you would be running on fumes half the time between shots. 7-800 is probably ideal for most people - adex is best avoided or at least used sparingly if you absolutely must, there are alternatives like DIM and CDG, reducing body fat, changing diet crucerfus vegetables etc. Not a good idea to run short esters like prop on TRT - remember you’re #1 goal after a acheiving a good blood T level is keeping it stable. This is tricky enough as is do not over complicate it by adding prop or another ester. HCG is really only necessity if you value fertility if not then no point.

This will not do, within normal limits is used by insurance companies to deny treatment all to cut healthcare costs, the normal ranges have been invalidated and still doctors use these ranges that later was discovered 30% of people used to create these ranges was contaminated with individuals that had thyroid dysfunction. There are lots of men who have within normal limits for thyroid hormones and or low normal testosterone and therefore symptoms would be expected.

HCG dosage is weak for twice weekly dosing, that’s a better dose for EOD. Don’t be overly concerned with your levels, as long as CBC labs aren’t absurdly high and you feel great, keep going. It’s going to take about 6-12 months to see the full benefits, you may find hematocrit settles a little higher than it is now. As of now hematocrit is perfect, even a hematocrit of 52% isn’t a problem according to the experts.

If at a later date you do find hematocrit high, split your doses into two or more injections per week as most see hematocrit decrease. As it stands now your levels are still in flux, it will take a total of 6 weeks for levels to become stable in the blood or anytime you change the T dosage in the future.