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Graston Technique for Knee

Hello, I’m looking to do some home remedy stuff for my knee. I tore my ACL and meniscus and had them repaired about 4 years ago. I never finished my rehab because I couldn’t afford the co-pay with my job I had at the time and the cost of insurance and everything else. I went recently to see how I did with my own rehab and found out I still need to build some strength and am 10 degrees from being able to bend my knee fully. They did what I found out to be the graston technique on my upper knee/lower quad to re-lay the soft scar tissue because it felt so tight there. Does anyone know how to perform this properly or direct me to a instructional video? Can’t seem to find one. Also, any good stretches or exercises to strengthen around the knee?

there’s an exercise called TKE you use a band,dave tate showed it,check it out