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Grassfed Bison and Ostrich Meat?


anyone have any good sites to order this from? I've check around my area quite a bit and not much luck, looking for the best deals.



don't know if they have ostrich, but their beef and ostrich is top stuff.





i was wondering what was so funny, then i read my comment, and now i'm giggling like a school girl.

edit: their beef and bison is good.


cool, thanks andy, just heard about a place about 45 mins away that has bison I'm going to check out, I really wanted to order some online but you knwo hwo it goes, you order somethign then find it for half the price somewhere else...


yeah I hear ya. shipping isn't bad at the site. They also make you order at least 7 lbs of stuff... which I don't mind. I just get 6 lbs of beef and 1 lb of bison, and thaw as needed. And some cheese. Their cheese is fucking awesome.


I've seen both of these in magazines but I've never personally ordered from them.


Thanks guys! I just found a place about 45 minutes form me that may give me a deal if I buy in bulk, but he said bison is a huge seller so if he can get his hands on it, I've got a deal. I apreciate all the help