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Grass Fed Whey


Long story short, I am now giving a quasi-paleo diet a serious shot after debating it for a while. All grains are gone with the exception of a cheat meal here and there.

I am keeping high-quality dairy however in the form of raw milk(grass fed cows), pasture butter and grass fed yogurt.

Part of this experiment is getting rid of all artificial flavors and sweeteners which makes protein powder selection an absolute bitch. In addition, I would ideally like to source a whey protein that comes from grass fed cows. All I have been able to find is borderline scam artist prices for that stuff.

The other 2 options are a straight egg protein powder , which would be more "paleo" anyway, or ditching protein powder entirely. I feel the latter would make it tough to meet the amount of protein I feel I should be ingesting.

I love Biotest's protein powders generally, but they clearly don't fit those requirements I mentioned.

Anybody have any ideas of how to proceed with this?


you know I've had the same problem, mainly with sucralose, so I've decided since that is affecting me I might as well clear the rest of my diet. I've read about some precision proteins but they are very expensive around here. I will let you know if I find anything worthwhile