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Grass fed Bison, Beef--Online Sources

Does anyone shop online for grass fed bison and other game meat (ostrich, venision, etc). I am starting a Poliquin-style diet and looking to mix up my protein sources and hoping online is cheaper than my local Whole Foods grocery store.

Bump for the meat expert.

whereabouts in PA are you? There are a few sources I may know near you.

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Coach Davies

I would try out greatbeef.com-it has a little blurb and a link to different “natural” or “organic” producers around the country. A lot of these “natural ranches” can be a relatively small operation, so ordering direct can sometimes work. Go in with some buddies and split a cow. Good stuff. I’m in Tucson, and theres a place about an hour away that is pretty cool about buying direct and working with my butcher. Hopefully this answers your question.

I focused on the beef in that last post-for game meats-checksout www.atlanticgamemeats.com-
I ordered the venison patties from them. Good stuff. Also-Oakln Plantation for free-range chicken. Good stuff. I just like to eat dead animal.

mercola has a link to grass fed stuff on his site

Here’s a link to the company Mercola recommends: http://www.blackwing.com/store/
They offer ostrich, bison, chicken, and dog.
Oh, wait…that’s dog food that they offer.

I’m in S.E. PA, 20 miles from Phila. I’ll check mercola’s reco’s.

Try www.brokenarrowranch.com
I use them at my restaurant and the product is excellent.