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Grass Fed Beef


Where have yall found the best place to find grass fed beef is? Are their any chain stores that carry it? Such as lowes food or something? Or should I check first with my local butcher? Will they usually have it? Does anybody order it from places online? Any suggestions? Thanks


we have a local organic market. $7.70/lb for ground beef, the steaks are pricier, so we just stick with the burgers.

careful though, this market also carries another local farm's beef that only says organic. It's cheaper at $5.99/lb but doesn't say grass fed. We usually use this kind since our food bill is quite high, but figured for only another $1.70/lb might as well go all out.


Our local Costco carries it. Well, at least they did for a while before switching it out to their own brand of organic ground beef.

I love it. I even drink the fat in the pan after I'm done cooking the burgers.


-Find a bunch of muslims and ask them if they know any local "halal" farms with grass-fed beef. I mean do you really care if someone said an obscure prayer before slashing the cow's throat?

-Move to a trendy area with a lot of fit people. It'll be in stores.

-Do it the old-fashioned way. CALL FARMERS AND ASK.



I found a butcher a couple weeks ago who sells organic chickens, beef, venison

venison is the best i get it ground, better then the beef, 7$ a lb

i get the ground grass fed beef 6$ a lb


Costco? Wow that's a surprise. Do they carry other grass fed meat besides burgers?


I get 90% lean grass fed, hormone/anti-biotic free ground beef for 5.50 a pound at our farmers market. But I have to by at least 8 pounds at a time, which isn't a problem.

It's not bad to actually know the guy that raises and slaughters the cow you're eating.


Seven Bridges Farm in Lima, NY has excellent grass fed beef. They have a website where you can order. I buy from them at the Rochester (NY) farmers market.


Finding grass fed beef can be tough, but since sheep mostly eat grass and lamb is everywhere, I eat lots of lamb now. In fact, I've got lamb shanks in the slow cooker right now. "Me sooo hungy" - Homer Simpson


Sheep eat grain too.


Good question. I'll have to check the next time I go.


Alright thanks for the responses. I'm stuck in downtown Memphis so not necessarily a local farm without driving for a ways. I'll have to search for a farmers market or something around here if there is one


You're in Memphis? I'm about an hour south of you. There are some farmers markets in the area,not great though. I order from Pastureraised.com a co-op of Amish farms in Pa. Grass fed beef 100%,no grain finishing. Ground @ $5.50 a lb. Diced beef chunks $7.50,steaks and other cuts higher of course,great selection. I also get raw milk,cheese,butter and kefir there. Real raw honey,unheated straight from the hive. Check them out,great service also.


I just purchased some grass fed meats from:


Their prices are decent, and service great. They deliver the meats to my door within a day or two.