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Grass Fed Beef Nutrition Info?


finally got my hands on some... was able to get some grass fed tenderloin and grass fed stip loin. anyone know where i can find the nutritional info on these? all i see is nutritional facts for normal beef nothing bout grass fed beef. thanks...


it's essentially the same. Will be a minor difference on the break down of the fat content, but if tracking macros and calories, just use regular beef assuming your grass fed has the % of fat list like 90/10 for example


Just got a half a grass fed beef. Love it. I think it tastes better but that could be placebo effect. Either way i very happy i did it.


was just thinking this right now. cooked up some grass fed beef tenderloin and tasted like heaven lol. i felt the same way when i changed to free range organic eggs too, dunno if its just me but i think it was a good choice.


thanks, i figured it would be similar except maybe grass fed maybe i little lower in the fat content.


90/10 is 90/10

kind I buy doesn't list it though.


my understanding is that macros are generally the same, but the quality of the micronutrients is much better. Cows that get fat really quickly on grain/corn/soy diets have similar problems as humans who get fat quickly. All sorts of hormone wackiness and awful digestive systems. I'd rather eat a healthy animal and as you said it tastes better.


The taste is not placebo. They say there are a couple things that almost anyone can notice about beef without being an expert: grade (ie: prime, etc), dry-aging, grass fed vs. grain fed. Grass fed beef is much gamier. I personally don't like the taste, but I don't really like any gamy meat for that matter.

The difference in macro's should be negligible, it really depends on the cut.


THe macros should be the same but the compostioin of the fats should be different and better in grass fed


got it thanks guys!
btw ryan been following the indigo livespills for a while now.
really good shit man! keep it up!


yes, grass-fed beef is gamier. I like grain-fed better but eat grass-fed and deal with it. Buffalo, on the other hand (almost all of which is grass-fed, most likely), tastes freaking amazing. I don't find it gamey at all.


x2 on the Bison, I love the taste of that despite my earlier comment about not typically enjoying gamy meat.