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Grappling with the V-Diet Experiment

I have been training in JiuJitsu for 3 years, and I am starting to compete more. There arn’t many competitions available to us Minnesotans and the summer would be the prime time. Being part of the T-Nation I have always wanted to try the legendary “V-Diet.”

Now I figured I would V-Diet and then eat clean and stay lean for the rest of the summer, so I can stay near my weight Class. My Teammate and I will be documenting out journey, just incase any other grapplers on this site were wondering what it would be like.

We Will be starting Monday March 26.

Right now, I have 2 Questions for the masses.

  1. Have any other Grapplers/Combat Athletes attempted this?

  2. For anyone who has completed this, do you have any suggestions for last meals before I begin?


I have been doing karate for around 2 years and some BJJ on Saturday’s. I weight train 5 days a week and do Karate twice a week. I don’t compete much, but I am now doing the V-diet to get down to around 8% body fat (going to the beach soon).

I am on my last week of a 4 week trial. Following it to a tee takes some dedication and time. What I mean is there is so many temptations with food. To do it right you need to take time a plan your meals and stay away from the temptations.

My experience with the V-Diet has a plus side which is losing considerable amounts of fat. I have went from 17.6% to 11.4%. The negative is I feel like I am starving all the time and feeling tired (first two weeks I was okay, but 3rd was really tired). In this last week I brought up my carbs a little because of the starving and being tired issues that were occurring.

Personally I would stay away from the V-diet in your situation. I would do some carb cycling to help maintain your weight. That way you do not have any issues with low energy levels for BJJ classes. Now you could use the V-diet a little closer to a competition to help get you to the weight you desire.

Now I am sure someone on here will totally disagree with me, but I am just giving you my opinion from the good and bads that I have had with the V-diet.

Also there is a V-diet support group under the Supplements and Nutrition section that has a lot of other people that are using/used the V-diet.

well that was a rough start, time to redo this start date. updates later