Grappling Shoulder Injury

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About 2-3 years ago while doing some no-gi grappling with a buddy, I got caught in a kimura. Stupidly I didn’t tap and my entire shoulder popped loudly. Now there wasn’t much pain, so I never went to a doctor for it.

I can do pullups, dips, and presses without pain. But if I do an overhead press my shoulder pops with every rep and there is some discomfort.

The real issue is mobility. I am very inflexible in this shoulder. When keeping my arms straight down by my sides I can barely rotate my arm behind me towards my back all.

Anyone have this happen to them while rolling?

The part that is kind of uncomfortable is Acromion. Thanks guys.

I’m not a PT but if there’s popping or clunking or a “Catching” with each rep with instability overhead… probably tight posterior capsule with Labrum issues…plus difficulty putting hand behind your back is classic anterior shoulder tightness…plus i bet you subscapularis is tight and weak on the affected side…

you got injured and your prime movers took over to protect your joints…stretch and activate the 4 primary Rotator cuff muscles…Lower and middle trapezius raises or Trap 3 raise to ensure proper scapular stability…opposite leg glute and Psoas activation…some shock absorbtion work…use a tennis and lacrosse ball for myofascial release…and stretch!!..if your AC hurts during chest work swith to Neutral grip dumbell presses…

i know you have yet to see a doctor or PT…but with old injuries…you can almost diagnose based on mobility deficits and referred pain…

I’ve grappled and trained standup with shoulder injuries for years…look for compensations patterns that you’ve developed and reestablish proper muscle firing during full ranges of motion.

Chenzen has got the right idea, but DO go to a doctor regardless of pain or not.

It’s always comforting/better to know exactly what is wrong with you, no amount of internet research will replace a doctor’s diagnosis.