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Grappling S&C Program?


Hello Coach.

I will start by telling you a bit about myself. I’m 23 year old and I’ve been passionate about grappling (Jiu Jitsu) pretty much since I’ve discovered it. I’m a blue belt now and I’ve come to the realisation that strength and conditioning are two paramount aspects to being a succesful grappler.

History-wise, I’ve been strength training sporadically at best, think my best squat was 90kg x 5 reps at a 77 kg bodyweight (which is around my BW right now). It’s pretty safe to assume that at the moment I’m in a untrained state, despite sparring regularly at Jiu Jitsu. My squat is probably around 70-75kg x 5 at the moment, bench press around that as well.

I’m currently working on my cardio and will do so until January which is when I want to start the weight training.

Injury wise I got injured while deadlifting like 10 months ago and I had to lay off for a month or so. Didn’t get it investigated but I fully recovered, however been very reluctant when it came to deadlifting heavy, atleast until I get a really strong core. If deadlifting, I’d have to go with something less lower back involving (if going for big weights), if at all at first. I haven’t had issues with the lower back when squatting since but I’ve been avoided the deadlift to be honest.

So the goals of a said strength and conditioning program for me would be :

  1. Strengthen my core and posterior chain so that I won’t have any lower back issues further down the road.
  2. Increase my strength.
  3. Make my body injury proof.
  4. Increase power.
  5. Increase power-endurance.
  6. Drop excess body fat. Lower weight means a lower weight class.

That being said these goals do not have to be targeted all at once if not possible.
I would be able to dedicate 2, maximum 3 days to this per week, since the rest of the time is dedicated to Jiu Jitsu.

Coach, what protocol or type of workout would you recommend to achieve these goals?

Thank you.