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Grappling Movements for General Population

Hey guys-

My name is Emile Hughes. I am (when possible) a BJJ player and currently work in the fitness and rehabilitation industry. I think ground based movements are hugely beneficial and largely ignored by both fields. We made this video recently and I was hoping to get you guys’ feedback on it. The facility I work in has incorporated some of my ideas into our conditioning classes, but I am always on the lookout for accessible movements that would be beneficial but novel for the average joe. Let me know what you think and throw your own ideas or, even better, videos up here. Thanks!

Looks like ginastica natural.

Turkish getups are good. Also ebi and ukemi drills from judo

I didn’t have the time to take a look, but generally, ground-based stuff like shrimping, rolls etc. would be a great idea for general fitness. Also look at ‘becoming bulletproof’ by McNiff & Anderson, it addresses related issues. I used to do Aikido as a teen and still think that, for general health, it’s probably one of the best things sedentary people could practise.