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Grappling Fans Across the Land! Fight2Win is Back!

Primed by UFC 249 last weekend, I couldn’t be more excited to watch some live grappling superfights this weekend! Heads up to some of the grappling-oriented folks here in the Forums: @theBird @twojarslave @TSP @MessyMatador @startingagain @zecarlo @boatguy


So am I correct that you just need the flograppling subscription to watch it live? I might grab a month of that to get a little grappling fix in.

I watched FTW80 because it had three black belts from my instructor’s school competing (one was SOTN too). I was really impressed with the overall production. I think they’ve had four people in total compete at the BB level in FTW. Great event for jiu jitsu IMO.

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Man after ufc 249 I didn’t realize how much I was missing any kind of combat sports. I will need to figure out how to watch this


Should be a good one. For those getting flo, be very careful if you only want a month. It’s too easy to sign up for a year on accident.

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I thought you might be interested in this:

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