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Grappling Dummy

i’m debating on picking up a grappling dummy (and see if the other guys in BJJ will chip in as well), and was wondering if any of you used them, and if so had a preference.

my school doesn’t have any morning classes, and i’m doing a lot of training on my own right now. i was thinking of getting one of the hour-glass shaped heavy bags, mainly for takedowns and stuff like that. i assumed that heavier is better, since it’s closer to an actual takedown, but welcome any input.


I have one, a Hayashi one. I planned on using it to practice submissions on but it’s not really suitable so I just throw it around and use it for strength training.

For takedowns, your going to want to get one with life like arms and legs. A t rex arm and ruler sized leg will be unrealistic lol.

we have one, the damn thing was pretty expensive if I remember right. but as mma101 said, it is kinda useless for actually practicing on. sometimes we do transition drills for a little side control/knee on belly gnp, but msotly it gets used for s&c workouts. kind of a glorified heavy bag imo

I had one, loved the thing. I’ll be damned to know how you lose one.

Didn’t use it for grappling, but S&C for specific throws.

well, i was thinking of just getting one for throws and takedowns, not for submissions. basically one of those hour-glass shaped ones…

I have used a few over the years…
most of them looked like a heavy bag with some arms- and a head

they are great for developing your back arch, and yes practicing throws

I would say if you have a heavy bag, that would work fine too-
for some throws, carries etc.


cool-thanks for all the input.

i’ll talk to my training partners and see what they’re down with, as well…