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Grappling Dummies


Thinking about getting a grappling dummy for home gym use. I love my jiu jitsu class, but its hard making it to all the classes. I've been thinking about getting one of those grapplins dummies for home use to practice moves on. I know it doesn't substitute a live person, but its better then nothing right? Does anyone have any experiance with a grappling dummy? I'd like to stay under the $300 range. Also what weight do you recommend? I've seen some that go up to 140 .lbs. But I've read anything over 52 .lbs is not necessary. Thanks brothers.


man, i know we discussed this before, but i cannot find the dang post....

i think pretty much everyone agreed that most of the grappling dummies are not worth the money, due to the weird angle of the limbs, and high cost of the dummy.

however, if you're only able to train a couple times a month and you have the extra cash, then i say it's worth a try....

another option is buying a cheaper takedown dummy (prolly about 1/4 the cost), and drilling with that.

also, i suggest checking out "Drill to Win: 12 Months to Better BJJ" by Andre Galvao....it has some good partner and solo drills in it for grappling.


Get a friend to be your grappling dummy. I use my roommate all the time. haha. If you have to, trade beer for practice time.


get one...they're worth it.

if I were to practice arm bars from mount I wouldnt have a training partner long. You dont want 200#'s of weight crushing your chest 30 times per side.

heres a decent one for a decent price:


the weight of the dummy depends on your budget more than anything. Any weight will improve your game.


i stand corrected.

Adam, is that the model you have? if so, how does it do, as far as submissions, strikes, etc?? easy to set up, or no??


we use a combat sports international dummy at my gym.

I'm thinking about buying the one I posted for the house. Seems like it would stand up to some abuse. The CSI one we have at our gym has had the arms practically ripped off and taped back on. I wouldnt do too much striking on it though. We use heavy bags for that. We mainly use it for throws, subs, and shoots.