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Grappling Dumbell Routine


I’d like to ask for some critiqe on the following workout for a guy whos’ main sport is grappling (BJJ):

Goblet Squat * 3
Deadlift * 2
Pushups * 3 (As many reps as possible)
Bench Press * 3
Dumbell Rows * 3
Dumbell Pullvoer * 3
Overhead Press * 3

The number of reps are: 15-12 (weeks 1 and 2), 12-8 (Weeks 3 and 4), 8-5 (Weeks 5 and 6) and naturally the weight increases as the number of reps decreases.

Now, please note I have some limitations regarding the program:

  1. My only tools are a bench and dumbells. I live in a small apartment and have no room for barbell traininng. Since it is also a fairly old apratment, I can’t put a chin up bar either for fear of messing up the wall/door.

  2. The pushups have to stay in the program as they are a requirement at a job I’m currently applying for (Law Enforcement, have to be able to do 75 with strict form going all the way down until the chest almost touches the ground).

  3. I grapple around 5 hours a week and besides that I obviously also have a fulltime job so getting the most in as little time is key. I can dedicate 2/3 days a week to weight trainning.

Would greatly appreciate your take.

Thanks in advance!

That’s really just a laundry list of dumbbell exercises. If I were you, I would just do a full body workout that consists of dumbbell squats, lunges, rows and weighted pushups (put the weights in a back pack). Once a week, test your maximal push ups. Don’t complicate this.