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grappling causing more tendonitis flare-ups


For arms I've only done rows or pullups once a week. Any more and my tendonitis acts up. For the last few months I've been trying to do BJJ twice a week and it is constantly hurting my biceps. I take time off from lifting and class to let it heal and it slowly comes back again. I've tried rediculously low weight curls but that just seems to add more to the over use. How can I condition the tendons to catch up with my muscle strength? Areas that I get it the most are just above the elbow to the outside of my bicep, along the outer edge of my forearms, the top of one of my feet, and one of my shoulders caused by comming down to hard during some spwarl drills. Any help would be great.


I regards to the outside of your biceps/above elbow, I've got something very similar. A couple of sessions of ART helped (alot actually)but the area is still a bit tendor. It definitly sucks but I just do whatever doesn't hurt and deal with it the best I can. Definitlety recoommend ART and I plan on going back.


I second the art recommendation. Go asap.


ART now!