Grappling Camp Nutrition

Hi guys,

I’m attending a grappling training camp next week where I’ll be training around 5-6 hours a day (one morning session for groundwork and one evening session for standup/sparring).

I’m planning my nutrition for that period and would really appreciate any helpful suggestions and/or advices.

For drinks during training sessions I plan to follow dr. Berardi’s advice about protein/carb ratios per hour of physical activity.

As far as other nutrition goes, I plan to keep it as normal, just increase protein consumption a little and add carbs.

Any other ideas? What about PW meals?



Nothing to add. Just jealous.
What camp is it?

You should be fine. If you find that your body is getting sluggish before your muscles really feel fatigued, up your carb intake. Simple carbs right away, complex carbs between training sessions.

When you get home, be sure to ramp up your cardio in that case as well.

Hi Loppar,

It’s most important to start off considering your current diet and training frequency. then you can think about what you’ll need to be eating to accommodate the differences.

For example, a guy who’s used to working out for several hours and then eating an hour, say, after a workout, will have a different approach than a guy who eats every two hours and trains 40 min.

I suggest thinking about how often you eat and how often and for how long you usually train. It may be worthwhile to start mimicking the feeding, if not training, pattern you’ll have at the camp – like start increasing the time between meals and make them bigger. That’ll help your body adjust beforehand so you can maximize your experience at the camp.

Good luck!