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Grappling advice

Hey Ko, this is something I wanted to talk to you about when I was in Portland but we never got the chance. I am in judo right now at school and I would like to dominate. My weakest area right now is grappling on the ground. For some reason even though I weigh 190 and have decent strength I have a hard time pinning people when grappling on the ground. I was wondering if you had any tips or tricks which I could employ to get an edge. Any good sites to go to on the web for this stuff? Thanks,
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Train brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Go to judoinfo.com, great site with great illustrations of a butt load of techniques and Practice.

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Does this seem weird to you?? I took powerdrive yesterday about 60 minutes before my workout and I increased my incline bench by 10 pounds, my barbell curl by 5 and my reverse incline hammer curls by 2.5 and acheived all my reps in my 5X5. But my second exercise, the bench, stayed the same and I even had to go down 5 pounds on the last set of 5, although I did get it with no help. My bench was performed second of the 4 lifts. What’s up with that?? Just seemed weird to me.
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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is good, but so is a good wrestling background. You need to keep your opponent from creating any space.Do this by keeping your weight on top of your oponent, and also keep him form moving around. For example if he tries to lift his hips, shift you weight over his hips, if he tries to lift his shoulder’s move towards his shoulders. At the same time use you arms(elbows) and knees, to immobilize him (kinda like hugging him.It is a litle more complex than that but that is the basic idea.


Thanks Ko, I will try that.
Avoids Roids that is good advice too. Maybe I will bring a crowbar into class next time.
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Don’t know why you want to pin your opponent but I’m not fully aware of Judo rules. Utilize the Gi if you can, it’s great for stabilizing your opponent while you work your game. I don’t like “pinning” my opponents for more than a couple of seconds without working an attack. It gives them time to recover and perhaps turn the tables on you. ATTACK!

The catch fishy chant worked. Unfortunately the only salmon biting today were Coho (silvers), and it is illegal to harvest them on this particular river. Catch and release all day, fun but not what I had in mind. The skunk continues.

Are you training judo for just tournament competition? How long do stay on the ground? From what i have read about tournaments they stand the competitors back up if neither one has secured a submission hold after twenty seconds or something.

Assuming you stay on the ground until someone submits, Brazillian jujitsu would be an excellent addition. I train in it, and its hard to beat in terms of ground grappling. However, it is a completely seperate discipline from judo. The two complement each other well though; judo is good for throws, and jujitsu lets you finish em off once they hit the floor.

Look on the internet, there are plenty of sites that run through the basic positions. If you are on top the two most common dominant positions are mount and side mount. Its two complicated to get into here, but if you are on top you basically want to give the guy underneath as little room as possible. In side mount you want to be touching chest to chest, keep your hips low, and try to block his hips from moving with your knee and arm. If he can’t move his hips and has no space to eel out he can’t go anywhere. If you are allowed to submit people on the ground a good move is the keylock or kimura. Its simple to learn, and strong guys can muscle it on other people.

good luck,


Well I’m glad you at least caught some fish even though you had to release them. It would be so cool to be able to catch your own salmon. Alot cheaper too.
What kind of training are you doing right now? What have you done in the past specifically for MMA?
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I usually bite them at the same time! :slight_smile: