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Grapplers in MMA: Kron Gracie to UFC, AJ Agazarm to Bellator

Nice to see MMA organizations signing some of the best jiu-jitsu talent out there. Very interested to see Kron’s jiu-jitsu against the world’s best featherweights. AJ’s should be a perfect fit for Bellator.

BTW, looking forward to seeing how Lovato Jr. does in his most difficult MMA challenge to date: Gegard Mousasi!

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Interesting indeed. Although AJ Agazarm is a bit of a nerd.

But speaking of BJJ guys making the transition to MMA Gary Tonnon just took his 3rd W in ONE fighting championship. Its not the elite of the elite but hes building his resume and doing it fairly quickly. He looks real good too.

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It’s good to see - especially with guys like Maia and Jacare closer to the end of their MMA careers than the beginning. Looking forward to seeing how things continue for Tonon in ONE, as well.

I think AJ will be a sort of “Joe Warren” type for Bellator. I’m assuming he’ll compete at 145.