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Grappler MMA Circuit: Diesel Crew



Here?s an example of an anaerobic conditioning circuit for a wrestler or combat athlete.

1a) Hindu-Push-ups, 30 sec

1b) Power Rope Double Slams, 30 sec

1c) KB swings, 30 sec

1d) Overhead Med Ball Squats, 30 sec

1e) Partner Zercher Good Mornings, 30 sec

1f) DB Clean & Press, 30 sec

The athletes will do as many reps as possible in the 30 second blocks and switch on the whistle. Each run is roughly 3:30 minutes. 3 minutes of resistance and :30 seconds of total rest which is the accumulated time to switch between exercises. Run through this circuit 3-5 runs, dependent upon the sport.


Looks good Xen, two questions- what is a powerrope double slam and what is the benefit of using a medicine ball for the overhead squats as opposed to any other form of resistance?


Thanks Xen!


Awesome info, thanks Xen.


Probably something like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDSg2MPOdGs

Grip Master John Brookfield has thick "battling ropes" to do similar exercises. Pretty difficult to substitute if you don't have them. Medicine ball slams would probably deliver the same effect.

Truthfully, probably more convenience than anything else. It's easier to have a medicine ball lying around the dojo than a loaded barbell. A neutral shoulder position (palms facing each other) is also going to be a bit easier on the shoulder joint.


^^ jeez dude get out of my head, thats everything i was going to post.


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I agree with Xen.



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