Graphic Novel Suggestions?

yes i am a comic book geek. having a hard time finding anything new of interest. to give you all an idea of what i am into lately…i recently really enjoyed “The Walking Dead”, “Preacher”, “Sandman”.

thanks in advance


Y- The Last Man

it’s a long one.

Obvious choices, but Watchmen and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen…

History of Violence


I stalled on Y, The Last Man. I’ve been meaning to resume for over a year now. Something pissed me off, I don’t remember what.

Charles Burns’ “Black Hole”.

don’t know if there are trade paperbacks for the following

Black Summer
No Hero
Project: Superpowers, Chapter 1


If you don’t like supers, check out:

Well, fuck me. I’ll edit in my faves later. I’m about to pass out at my keyboard, yo.

done watchmen and league of extraordinary… ill check out some of the other stuff listed… keep your suggestions coming and if you have the time maybe a review, that is what YOU liked about it…i can pull up random reviews myself on google.


[quote]Iron Dwarf wrote:
Charles Burns’ “Black Hole”.

this one looks interesting…very dark.

[quote]Iron Dwarf wrote:
Charles Burns’ “Black Hole”.

Those drawings are unreal.

Ex Machina

Swamp Thing: Alan Moore version

Walking Dead is great, but you already knew that.

Iredeemable - Superman loses it.

[quote]metamorphic wrote:

[quote]Iron Dwarf wrote:
Charles Burns’ “Black Hole”.

Those drawings are unreal.[/quote]

An artist can dazzle and seduce you with color, but raw black & white just goes right to the core.

Squadron Supreme(predates watchmen by a year)
Animal Man
Kingdom Come(dc did it before marvel)
Crisis On Infinate Earths
The JSA returns(fills in the stuff what happened between WWII and when the Silver Age took place)
Green Lantern Rebirth
Young Justice world without adults
Superman Our Worlds At War
The Alan Moore DC collection(lot of good short stories)
Daredevil The devil in cell block D

I could go on if you want more tell me

I remember when . . .

Graphic Novels were comc-book style publications made originally for novel-length, single-volume productions.

[/old fogy memories]

I second Irredeemable, since I’ve been pimping that book since issue #1. Also, it’s antithesis Incorruptible; not as good, but from a very different persepective.

The original Arkham Asylum GN

The Peter David/Dale Keown Incredible Hulk run (I think Marvel has collected this in trades, but I no sure)

100 Bullets.

The full 13 TPB series (100 issues) is now available. Published by Vertigo, written by Brian Azarello (this guy is a pun master), and illustrated by Eduardo Risso. What would you do with 100 bullets? You could use them any way you like, and there would be no legal or governmental consequences. Its a crime noir story that, like Preacher, doesn’t pull its punches. There are times you think you know who the good guys are and who to root for them some jaw-dropping, Holy Shit!!!, WTF?!? moment comes along. Then all you want to see are the guys you were rooting for be buried six feet under.

Y: The Last Man

By Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra and published by Vertigo. In one night all creatures carrying the Y chromosome die. This is the post-apocalyptic adventure of the last surviving Man on the planet.


DC. 1994-2001. Written by James Robinson with art primarily by Tony Harris. This is the story of Jack Knight taking on the role of Starman on his own terms. No red tights and green cape to be found here. Jack is an every-man who takes on the role of the city’s savior. A few points: Opal City is as much a character as it is the setting. The Shade is revealed as a marvelously super powered villain and gentleman with his own code of contact, he becomes a truly intriguing character. This book takes all of the Starmans in the DC universe and defines them in a cohesive manner with some unexpected outcomes. Jack has entire issues of him talking with his dead brother, and they are some of the best single stories in the series.

Lone Wolf and Cub.

Darkhorse. Writer Kazuo Koike and the artist Goseki Kojima, first published in 1970. Disgraced by false accusations from the YagyÅ« clan, Ogami IttÅ? is forced to take the path of the assassin. Along with his three-year-old son, DaigorÅ?, they seek revenge on the YagyÅ« clan and are known as “Lone Wolf and Cub”.

Sabretooth: Death Hunt

If you’re a man, you’ll enjoy it. If you’re a pussy, go read Twilight. Bitch.