Graph of Gains Over Time

Hi, I’m hoping to collect stats from the vets on this board to come up with a graph of gains over time.

The graph will help us set realistic goals at almost any training age, give a reference to judge our past progress, and serve as a rightly deserved bitch slap when we see ourselves flat lining. It might even give insight into how bf levels and competing affect gains.

So all of the serious body builders who have been training for 5 plus years, please provide your stats in this format:

Year 1: x lbs, a% bf
Year 2: y lbs, b% bf

Natural/ PED assisted
Any comments on your training history

Figures can be approximations if you don’t have records but are sure of the range. But come now, I’m sure most of you guys have those dusty old log books lying around somewhere…

I’ll be posting the graph here once we have a decent data set.

Btw, despite my join date my training age is only 1 and a half years, so I won’t be contributing to the graph. I trained for an year in uni and gained about 20 lbs (138 lbs to 158 lbs at 5’ 9.5"). Then real life hit me and I lost most of it. Just started serious training 6 months ago and have gained 24 lbs since then (150 lbs to 174 lbs).