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Grapeseed Oil for Cutting Test 250e Pain

hey guys
i was going to purchase a 50ml sterile vial of grape seed oil.

I dont trust myself sterilizing oils and all that so i figured if i bought one that would be best…

I know that some people use eq to cut and lessen inject pain but what about tren e, can this be another option?
thanks in advance for your advice…

You can re-filter it after combining using a whatmans syringe filter.

You can also just use Wesson oil and then re-filter.

The thing with cutting steroids isnt about which drug you pick. Its about how the drug is made. Meaning how much solvent and alcohol is added.

I dont have extensive knowledge on brweing but I do know that some esters are much easier to get into high convcntrations than others. The fact that you have painful test e at 250mg/ml is something to be concerned about. 250 is very standard for test e and is very simple to make painless test e at 250mg/ml.

Theres absolutely no reason for that. Most likely too much BA being used in the preparation.

Anway, you can use other drugs to cut the test e but it will only help if the one you choose gives no pain at all. Again, it doesnt matter which drug you choose (aside from test prop), it matters how the specific batch was made.

Mixing any oil based stuff together is ok. Dont mix oil/EO blends. Or straigh EO. Or water obviously.

Lastly, are you sure its the gear and not just pain from the muscle getting stretched out?

bonez217 - i am leaning towrds the gear as every shot that i have done reults in pain and a knot (delts and glutes). it lessens in about 4-5 days but i have several more bottles left (of test 250 and 1 tren e) and was just thinking that grapeseed oil might help as thats what others have expressed.

I was just looking to see if gso was already made and filterd in a vial as i did not want to get into doing all the sterilizing myself.

I figure that 1cc of test and maybe 1/2 cc (or less) of gso will help some…

i also have some tren e that i was thinking of using with test but not sure if that would lessen pain…

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Unless your gear is in unusual concentrations, its a pretty bad sign that it hurts. The gear should be painless. The only other possibilities are either there is far too much BB or BA in it, in which case cutting it will help, or the gear is overdosed, again cutting it will help. The other option is you have shitty gear which has been prepped with non USP oils and is contaminated. In this case, cutting will do very little to ease the pain, and if it still hurts after cutting it I would seriously consider binning it. You could try a re-filter but it likely won’t make much difference.

I would cut it 1:1 gear:GSO

So this is what I bought. Now can I pull 1 or half a CC of this and than pull the same of my test E 500 into my syringe and pin? I don’t want to do the cutting the whole bottle into a new vial. Just want to make sure I can do this without sending myself to the hospital.

Yeah, I’ve done it with the same grapeseed oil with no issues. Just make sure you alchohol swap the top of the bottle and use a different draw needle from pin needle and you should be good. When I messaged them about it, they said it was already sterile and filtered so it’s fine to draw direct to the needle and I personally had no issue aside from the fact that the grapeseed oil was thicker than my test e so when it came time to pin it took awhile if I used a high oil to test e concentration. Heating everything with a hair dryer helped but still sometimes I had to press the needle quite hard which can get a little sketchy when there is a needle in your leg for what feels like forever and you are trying to keep it still.

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Also might have been overly cautious of me but I drew the grapeseed oil then changed needles and drew the test, then switched needles again to pin. I didn’t want to risk diluting my test even the slightest amount with grapeseed oil since I was mixing in the syringe.

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