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Grapeseed Oil/Cutting Agents?

I have been experiencing some issues with the BA content of my gear. The specifics were posted and subsequently addressed on the injection pain thread, thanks DH!!!

I will be adding a cutting agent to deal with this issue. What I am curious about is how crucial is the sterile aspect of the cutting agent? How big of a risk would one be taking with grocery store cottonseed or grapeseed oil? In addition; What is the typical dilution ratio? I was thinking 50%…

Uh, the “sterile aspect” is VERY crucial! You are fine with using grocery store-bought grapeseed oil (I use this myself in my own brewed gear), but you had damned well better run it through a .45um or preferably a .22um filter.

50% is an easy ratio to calculate, so that’s what I’d go with initially.

Also, sometimes I have found that it is not the BA content which is giving me trouble, but an issue with, as you mentioned, sterility, of the gear itself, and running the present oil through a filter without adding anything else to it sometimes takes care of the problem.