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Grapefruit juice

I’ve been hearing about the beneficial effects of grapefruit juice during oral supplementation. My rudimentary understanding is that it somehow “cleans” receptors and suppresses the enzymes that denature the supplement, and can have dramatic results in improving absorption and effectiveness. Two questions: is this actually true? And if so, should I drink grapefuit juice prior to taking the supplement, or along with it? (I don’t want the citric acid to ruin the supplement just like stomach acid would anwyways, too.)

I think that I remember hearing that taking any supplements with Grapefruit juice would aid in absorption. (I would not with creatine though) Hopefully someone knows exactly how this works.

Grapefruit contains bergamottin which can inhibit certain cytochrome P450 enzymes and thus increase blood levels of certain substances.Which supps it could help i’m not sure.

I also recall reading that drinking grapefruit juice with some scrips can cause problems due to additional absorbtion (getting a bigger hit than anticipated).
That’s prescriptions… I’ve been a regular drinker since learning that.

I recently tried that with a naringin extract. That is the compound in grapefruit that can enhance absorption of drugs/supplements.
I was taking anavar,cytomel,and MD-6.
Well, after a couple of days my stomach ached and I felt nauseous. First, I took out the
anavar, but the problems continued. Finally, I stopped the Naringin and the stomach pains and
nausea are gone. I wont try it again, the
discomfort was too much. This only my opinon,
others may have better luck.

Actually naringin along with naringenin,bergamottin,bergapten, 6’,7’-dihydroxybergamottin(berg’s seem to be the most potent) and probably a few other chemicals inhibit CYP3A4 in the intestine.I would just stick to grapefruits.

Also from the useless info files… papaya and pineapple are supposed to have enzymes that help with protein absorbtion… maybe mom was right about fruit being good for you.