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Grapefruit Juice & Oral Steroids?

Do you guys think grapefruit juice could increase the bioavailability of oral steroids?

[quote]T234 wrote:
Do you guys think grapefruit juice could increase the bioavailability of oral steroids? [/quote]

Grapefruit juice is a monoamine oxidase inhibitor which means that it prevents your body from breaking certain chemicals down and excreting them. What really happens is that it could theoretically increase the half-life of an oral steroid. Someone else might know if it actually works or not. As far as bioavailability I don’t see how it would have any effect.

I think Cy Willson commented on this in one of his articles.

Here are a couple of articles compliments of the search engine.



you might be thinking of intestinal cytochrome P-450 it metabolizes a lot of the drugs and supplements we ingest. Grapefruit juice contains a high percentage of enzymes that inhibit the action of cytochrome p-450 which will result in higher concentrations of these drugs, and this can cause greater results at lower dosages.

You could save a lot of money by lowering your dose of supps and taking them with grapefruit juice, which is a fairly cheap alternative to full doses. I’m not sure of all the drugs and supps that this works with but the short list would be any product with Carbolin 19/forskolin, and certain central nervous system stimulants (yohimbine HCL) Hope this helps out some.

Gotchya. Thanks man. Has anyone researched what enzyme does work with oral steroids, or any other drugs for that matter? Seems like it could be very powerful. For example, if someone was on painkillers for life, it’s going to screw with their liver. If they were taking half the dose because the stuff was broken down 2x slower, it would be really beneficial.