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Grapefruit Juice, Longer Cycles, Methastadrol

Does anyone have any data on whether or not grapefruit juice can be used to lengthen the time on cycle? for example, when I took m-drol, gains pretty much stopped after week three, according to http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_interviews/underground_tap_steroid_freaks_from_england that matches up with what he said, could it be possible to keep getting those third week gains until the 5th week?
Also, is mathastadrol legit? It’s a bit cheaper than m-drol these days

Does anyone have a reason why you should take orals in the morning vs night besides htpa shutdown? I always thought that most recovery took place as one slept, making right before bedtime great because you be incredibly anabolic.

Grapefruit has an enzyme that increases the bioavailabilty of certain drugs. It will make oral steroids more potent. You should use it regardless of whether you think it will add extra weeks of gains. If gains are slowing down by week three something is wrong. Improve diet and training.