Grape Seed Oil Keeps Getting Contaminated

The grape seed oil I have had for 2 years keeps getting all kinda thing floating in it when I make my test? Expiration is in October!

Every time I pour it in beaker I see white stuff floating like hair strains?

Sounds like you’re getting unfiltered GSO. Get a higher quality GSO. Like some sort of medical grade if you can find it

Why was it good the first time I made it?(maybe I wasn’t paying attention only notice under the light)

It does this when I draw it up

My last batch

This looks like aeration to me, not particulate in the oil.

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That’s what I thought too

How to prevent?

Aeration doesn’t matter, it should disappear after sitting for 15 mins or so.

Aeration is just little air bubbles

are you dead set on using grape seed as your oil or would you experiment with other oils?