Grape juice.

Is using grape juice as part of postworkout drink good or bad?

Grape juice is not bad, but it’s also not optimal. Just use straight dextrose, or a 50/50 dextrose/maltodextrin blend. It’s more effective and also cheaper.

Good!..My poor man’s post-workout special is 40 grams of
Hi-quality whey protein plus 12 oz’s of Shoprite grape juice
and 1-Tbsp. of pineapple orange Tang. This equals 80 grams
of carbs…The Tang covers up the bitterness of the whey
and adds some quick sugars from sucrous and dextros.
Plus, it doesn’t taste like ass!..It’s actually quite good.
(Now you know my secret!)

How is honey for post workout? I have seen it on other sites. I cant find dextrose in any stores and dont like to order on-line

Remember grape juice contains fructose and when fructose fills up your liver glycogen stores the rest is stored as fat. Thats why i choose not to use fructose. Instead i use Glucose. I drink 2 bottles of Lucozade after trainning mixed wityh my protein powder. Thats 48 grams of protein and 96 grams of carbohydrates.

Ideally you want glucose polymers after a workout to maximize the insulin spike…grapefruit contains fructose and honey is sucrose (combo of glucose/fructose) so they are ok but not optimal

Honey seems to be better for pre-workout than for post-workout.

Probably not bad, but not ideal. I go with Surge because I know its perfect and tastes good.

I agree with TEK in that Surge is perfect. Im not sure why all these people are screwing with post workout drinks and ideas. The perfect drink is already out there. Everyone shouts about the price, I pay 28$ per jug at a local supplement shop. Thats less then 3$ per drink. Sounds like quite a deal to me.

There is a recent study that suggests that 2 tablespoons of honey with whey is a great post work out drink. It was conducted at a university without any supplement sponser.

Once I have a good deal of money to spare,then I DEFINITELY will get Surge.But for now,I gotta stick with my “poor man’s postworkout”
$28 per jug? Of SURGE? That is so cheap…
did I read something wrong?

Anyone know where I can get maltodextrin/dextrose? And for how much?

Nope you read right, 28$ per jug it sells for. I did just look in the online store and i am saving some money (i never realized). I also pay 21$ per bottle of tribex and 13$ for ZMA. Thats all i really use, so i know the prices off hand.
To buy dextrose or maltodextrin try the protein factory. Or a local wine shop/Beer making store. When i used to make my own post workout drinks i used mix all mine in with Cytomax.
But like i said before with all the time and money put into your own formula, your better off to just buy Surge. And the taste is awesome to (it took a jug to get used to). But I now like the taste better than Grow. (I think JMB said that once too.)

Thanks Fe.

It is my understanding that Grape juice does not contain Fructose in significant quantitys, its main carbohydrate is Dextrose

I think it is a common misunderstanding that “all fruits mainly contain fruit sugar fructose”

Maltose (not malto-dextrin, a disaccaride) has the highest G.I. of 110, but I can’t find any, and its probably pricey anyways, so I use grape Juice and with ALA and pinitol, until I can afford the biotest stuff.