Grant's 1st Log

Hello new here my first log should be a good one my goals are to get strong and size coming as a by product of getting there i have no idea what my maxes are never realy tried them ill post my routine and show you guys please critisize it

lower body

hang cleans
Glute ham raise
ab walkouts

upper body

med ball slams
chin ups
bench press/DB press
Bent over rows
military press

lower body

power shrugs
split squat
hamstring curls
ab rollouts

upper body

Dumbell rows
push press
incline press
hammer curls
external shoulder rotations

this is the plan it is definatly not set in stone as this isd my first log ill learn what my body likes dislikes and i will get a feeling on what works and what doesnt and i will substitute exersises as needed