Granny Squatin

I just got back from the gym, and I thought
y’all might get a kick out of this. While I
was there I saw this little old lady - looked
like she had to be at least 65 years old. And
she was doing ass to heals squats with 185 for
many reps (good form too!). My girlfriend
(who was with me) thought it was funny and
started LOL. But I was actually impressed.
Hope I can keep up my pace when I’m 65…

Ah yes, the 65 yo juiced up heavy squat old lady - I think there’s one in every gym nowadays. Got glucosomine. Seriously though, thats certainly is impressive. Id be intrigued to know what sort of effect that type of training and strength would have on her body, joints and quality of life generally. In any event, Ive gotta say I get alot of inspiration from the 50yo plus built guys who regularly lift decent weights at the gym I go to.

I think thats great. My grandmother really started going down hill when everyone started getting everything for her. Now she cant even stand on her own. Hell i wouldnt be able to stand on my own if i sat around all day and let people pick me up and get all my shit.

I was a trainer a few years ago and I had a 55 year old woman who, no shit, could do three pull ups on her own, could squat 225lbs and could do 10 reps on the cybexs leg press with 5 plates per side. She could also dip her body weight a few times.