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Granny Owns Shop Burglars


Old lady in red slams some fools. Awesome.


LOL, Fuck yes!


If that were the USA, the thugs would have beat the wrinkles outta the old lady.


Getaway scooters, lol.


Old laydeeee in reeeeeeed...is handbagging me....

in the cheek.


If you look closely, her hair matches her coat.


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When I grow up I wanna be like the Old Lady in Red.


That's what they get for trying to escape on Vespas.


But equally, she might've shot them?

Did anyone see her bend over and pick something up? I reckon it was a cheeky rolex, for her efforts of course.


Damn, if i was one of those robbers, facing a long stint inside if caught, would definately have given that granny a good old headbutt for her stupidty!

However, praise goes to her cos those dumb as bitches got caught thanks to her stupidty and erm old folk bravery. Don't make em like they used to lol


The point where the robbers should have left was when they were hacking at the glass for like 30 seconds aha.


The robbers are totally dense. They were hammering away at the windows but the front door of the shop was open throughout the clip.


Not quite ocean's 11 there, I agree.

And perhaps they were so dejected and confused at that point, that the sight of ANYONE standing up to them was enough to send them running.




It was in her blood to do this as she's an ex-copper.




Ba-Da-Boom. Ching!

I call bogus on this one. I think it was set up. As mentioned above, the door was open the entire time. Either that, or these thieves get the Darwin Award.


Nah it was all over the news yesterday, and she was on the front page of a newspaper today so it is genuine. I think she was foolish, why risk your life to protect a shop that is part of a chain and has all their shit insured anyway?


I agreed with you about it being a hoax (it looked like a viral), but the news keeps coming:



She's not the only vigilante pensioner around, either: